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Business Telecoms

We have partnered with several well-known telephony and VoIP solutions providers to bring our vendor-agnostic solutions into the telecoms space. We work with BT, RingCentral, and EE to provide top-tier business telecoms and communications solutions, and we are building new relationships all the time, so if you have your heart set on working with a particular supplier, we can more than likely help you out.

Multiple telephones on a desk. Set up to provide business telephony solutions.
Person working remotely from a cafe using his business mobile and laptop.

Business Mobile

Business mobile is becoming increasingly popular with the rise of remote working and the astonishing number of field-based staff being employed in all industries. By issuing your remote and field staff with mobile phones you can be sure they are contactable when you need them, and that they can easily get in touch with supervisors, customers and suppliers.

Why Trehane Tech?

You're probably wondering why you should choose Trehane Tech for your business telecoms and what being 'vendor agnostic' actually means for you, the customer. Here's a run down.

Traditional MSP (Set vendors)

Trehane Tech (Vendor neutral)

'One size fits all' approach
Completely bespoke solutions
Inflexible & Often expensive
Flexible with lots of pricing options
Rarely able to accomodate SMB's
Able to accomodate all size businesses
Difficult to scale
Solutions scale to meet your needs
Only one support channel
Several support channels for each vendor
Long contracts
flexible contracts from monthly to 3 years
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