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Who Are We?

Specialists in Generalism

Trehane Tech specialises in providing help and support across all areas of IT. We work in a way that focuses solely on the customer's requirements and resources. Put simply, if you ask for it, we will do it. We are determined to facilitate any request, no matter how obscure. Our teams will provide expert advice and support throughout the entire process to help get IT done. At the end of the project, we will leave you with a product or solution that not only works, but works well!

How We Operate

Trehane Tech operates on the core principle that nothing is impossible. We pride ourselves on our "get IT done" attitude. The way we get IT done is by providing our clients with top-tier technical and administrative IT professionals to fulfill any and all requests. Our experts are all experienced, vetted and qualified to high standards, and are available on a long or short term basis to help our clients achieve their goals. We are also able to provide our customers with all of the supporting infrastructure they need to fulfill their projects, fill any gaps they may have or meet specific requirements. This includes internet, telephony, software, hardware and cyber security solutions.

What do we help with?

Need an extra pair of hands?

We don't just cater to big projects or long term contracts. We work with clients including MSP's and other IT Service providers to provide extra boots on the ground on a day-by-day basis. We can get you an experienced and reliable engineer within just 48 hours of booking, anywhere in the UK. We can also send engineers to European jobs when you can't spare your own. Drop us an email to find out more, or use the 'Book an Expert' button in the navigation menu to easily book an engineer online.

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